Best Pocket App Alternative

Savay is the best alternative to Pocket. It's built for better online learning rather than casual reading. You can take quick notes, build your personal library, and more. Try Savay today!

Why choose Savay?

Focus on learning

Improve online learning without the hassles managing your content.

Get automated tags

All your content auto-tagged by our AI-powered system.

Take quick notes

Take notes while reading, watching videos, or even listening to podcasts.

Build your personal library

All your learning content put in a personal library that’s kept organized.

No ads or sponsored content

We hate paid promotions as much as you do. You won't find them on Savay!

Upgrade your online learning with Savay

Compare Savay & Pocket

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Readout Loud
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Content Audio Playlist
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Permanent Page Copy
Personal Library
Auto and Custom
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Content Recommendations
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Schedules Notifications
Follow People
Font Options
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Top 3 Reasons why Savay is the best alternative to Pocket

#1 Stay organized with little to no efforts

No need to add tags every time you add content to Savay. All your content gets organized in a library with your preferred tags.

#2 Take notes from any content on the web

You can add any content type like text articles, videos, or podcasts and take notes while simultaneously without leaving the app.

#3 Use the free version without any ads or promotions

We believe ads and marketing promotions create a bad user experience. So you'll never find them on Savay, even on the free version!