Best Instapaper Alternative

Savay is the best alternative to Instapaper. With Savay, you can focus more on learning rather than casual reading. Try features like Notes, Personal Library, and more on Savay today!

Why choose Savay?

Focus on learning

Savay can help you improve learning by removing all management overhead. It’s purpose-built to help you learn better.

Stop wasting time in tagging

All your content auto-tagged by our AI-powered system. It is the most accurate tagging and categorizing system available today.

Take notes with text formatting

You can take notes while reading, watching videos, or even listening to podcasts. No need to switch between apps!

Build your personal library

All your learning content put in a personal library that’s kept organized.

Use the free version without ads

We believe ads, paid promotions, or unwanted content are learning obstructions. You’ll never find them on Savay!

Upgrade your learning with Savay

Compare Savay & Instapaper

Save Links
Readout Loud
Coming Soon
Content Audio Playlist
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Yes, with formatting
Yes, basic notes
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Permanent Page Copy
Personal Library
Auto and Custom
Suggested and Custom
Content Recommendations
Coming Soon
Schedules Notifications
Font Options
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Ads and Sponsored Content

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